115 Panel Ground Mount System

This awesome 115-panel, 50.6 kW solar system with 108 kWh of backup storage is located on a 60-acre property in Celina, TX.

System Fact 1

This system was built to provide full backup power to a 6,400 square-foot home; there was also a detached horse barn where we installed another 27 kWh of backup storage to keep that energized.

System Fact 2

System planning required a custom electrical design, with manual transfer capability for the large generator onsite to act as the fail-safe backup.

System Fact 3

This system comprises 115 Aptos 440w solar modules mounted on the solar array over 1000 feet from the home.

System Fact 4

The system batteries weigh 375 pounds per unit. Therefore, a unique lift was required to get them up and mounted. To accommodate this extra weight, we opened the wall, added studded reinforcement, and installed the backboard for the needed support.

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