80 Panel Ground Mount Solar System

This beautiful 80-panel ground mount system 28.8kw was installed in Cleburne, TX. The customer has a 3000 sq. ft house with a pool and shop and was looking to offset his bill.

This system gave him a 100% offset based on his annual usage! This system provides the customer with panel-level monitoring through a smartphone app!

The monitoring capability allows for easy servicing of the system and clear specific locations if anything requires service. A happy customer equals a happy installer!

System Fact 1

Rack structures are 2″ rigid steel conduits buried 3′ in the ground and secured with concrete. This structure will sustain high winds and give the array a strong and sturdy foundation.

System Fact 2

We use the best mounting hardware from Ironridge—everything from the rail connectors, rails, post caps, grounding lugs, and panel fasteners. Everything is UL-listed, and all grounding and bonding requirements meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

System Fact 3

Solaredge components were used for panel-level monitoring and communications. All of which can be viewed on a smartphone app. That way, the customer can stay up to date on system performance. Plus, technicians can pinpoint the exact panel or micro should it require servicing.

System Fact 4

All systems we install include a lifetime installation warranty!

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