Roof Mount Solar With Battery Backup & Generac Generator

Our team installed this 41-panel roof mount 15 kW system for a customer in Aledo, TX.

We equipped it with the latest Enphase Technology, Smart System Controller, and IQ8+ micros capable of forming its own grid.

Additionally, we included 30 kWh of battery backup and a 24 kW Generac Generator. This system is capable of grid independence.

System Fact 1

A fully capable system to keep the home off the grid and minimize anything pulling from the grid. This system utilizes the solar energy generation first, batteries second, and the Generac generator third.

System Fact 2

This system was installed with a critter guard to keep birds from nesting under panels and panel skirts for an aesthetically pleasing upgrade.

System Fact 3

This is some of the newest technology offered by Enphase that supports generator integration to help our customers be in total control of their power.

System Fact 4

Through the Enlighten App on their smartphone, our customer will have total control of the monitoring and settings of the system. This control will allow them to configure the system to fit their needs.

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